Found arises through the daily experience of moving between different streets, observing them and looking at forgotten objects, thus analyzing the context in which we inhabit. The interest with this performance is to bring people together through the symbolic combination of hands; It is pertinent to make a reflection from the union and not from the cultural-racial separation generated today.

Found is a piece built from the collection of 100 gloves found on the streets of several European cities, such as: Amsterdam, London, Belgium, Düsseldorf and Berlin. The collection of these corporal extensions arises through the constant observation of the environment during the journeys made from one place to another; This piece was also made thanks to the participation of people who were interested in collecting gloves with me, making it a collective piece.

The construction process of this piece, arose through the photographic record, sketches, analysis of each of the gloves, playing with the figure of the hands, the symbolisms and the connotations that concern in history. Textiles have a complex historical burden in all cultures, making them an ideal field for addressing issues of gender, cultural identity and social status; In this way, codes of interpretation and ideas can be built around these found objects.

The central idea of ​​the piece is to make a structural-spatial connection with all of them reinforcing the idea of ​​union, loss and recovery of forgotten memories. In this sense, Found mimics with the body covering almost 100% of it, to question the limits of space extent in the relationship between

The interest in this performance, as mentioned before, is to recognize the importance of union and to know that despite the existence of political, institutional and cultural barriers, these gloves talk about us, people who probably do not know each other but who, symbolically shares the same space-time, working people, women, men, children, students, nomads, etc. Found aims to emphasize that we are made of the same material.