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$ 20,160

Collar de plata .925, pavonado, con mármol blanco

Collar inspirado en las constelaciones del universo.


- Limpiar con un trapo suave antes y después de usar la pieza.

- Si hay manchas (por oxidación) sumergirla durante 2 minutos en líquido Limpiasteg, lavar con agua y jabón y secar muy bien con un trapo suave.

- Cuando no se use, mantener la pieza guardada en su empaque o en un lugar seco y limpio.

.925 blued silver with white marble

A pendant inspired by the universe and constellations.

Jewelry and care: The gold plated layer is delicate and fades over time. It may last between 8 months and a year, depending on use and care. To make it last longer, please consider the following:

- Avoid contact with water, soaps, perfumes, body lotions, makeup, abrasive or corrosive materials.

- Don’t wear your jewelry while you sleep, take a bath or working out. Avoid wearing it at the beach, pool, saunas or exposing it to extreme heat or humidity. 

- By the end of the day, clean up your piece with a dry soft cloth and store it in a protective pouch.

Don’t forget that your jewels are delicate. Treat them with care and store them carefully. We recommend giving them maintenance every two years with us or with your local jeweler for optimal conditions.

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