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Chia Ring

$ 2,700.00

Silver .925 and Green Tourmaline. A beautiful and elegance torumaline floating between two silver walls.

Chorlo Ring

$ 2,700.00

Silver .925, Quartz and Tourmaline Ring. An energetic and harmonious mineral floating between two silver walls.

Nakhla Ring

$ 5,700.00

Gold and Meteorite Ring. This ring shows us in a small portion the immensity of the universe.

Rich Ring

$ 3,500.00

Black diamond and Silver .925 Ring. It reflects the subtlety and the elegance.

Lino Ring

$ 2,700.00

Silver .925 and Aquamarine diamond Ring. The magnificent blue tone of the Flax flower is what we see reflected in this ring. The beautiful flower of this plant was our inspiration.